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Harper Fleming

What does mortgage Happiness mean?

Mortgage happiness looks like a partnership of trust where we can come together to accomplish a common goal and have a good time doing it! Mortgage happiness looks like that feeling you get when you are able to purchase your first home or dream home. Mortgage happiness looks like a quick and smooth process from start to finish with your refinance, purchase or cash-out refinance."
"Harper started in the financial industry in 2014 and quickly found a knack for mortgage related sales.  The industry is changing and people are more informed that they ever have been. Harper loves to help people and like to make sure she goes to bat for them.  Harper was born in Grand Junction Colorado and moved to Utah when she was 8. She stayed there through high school then moved to Iowa for collegiate soccer for 3 years. She then moved to southern Utah for 3 years and ultimately back to SLC. She was there for 4 years before moving to Portugal for 6 months to play professional soccer. She came home in 2019 after a foot and ankle injury.


I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities to create mortgage happiness. Let's connect.

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